Best Soundbar For Desktop PC in 2023

A soundbar is a great way to improve the audio on your desktop PC, and there are a lot of great options available. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best soundbars for desktop PCs in 2023, and help you choose the right one for your needs. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision possible.

As technology progresses, the line between desktop PCs and home theater systems continues to blur. A soundbar is a great way to add better sound to your PC without all the hassle of a full-fledged surround sound system. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best soundbars for desktop PCs in 2023.

As technology advances, the options for soundbars become more numerous and varied. So, what is the best soundbar for a desktop PC in 2023? To answer this question, one must consider various factors such as price, features, and reviews.

After taking all these factors into account, the best soundbar for a desktop PC in 2023 is the Polk Audio Signa S2. The S2 is an affordable option that offers great value for its price.

Top 5 Best Soundbar For Desktop PC in 2023

1- Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers
Product no 1

Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers

Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers, Black

About this item

  • 2.0 stereo speaker system
  • Compact size that delivers high quality audio without using too much space
  • Response Bandwidth: 50Hz 20KHz
  • 2.2 Watt, nominal Output Power
  • Convenient headphone jack for private listening, built in knob for easily adjusting volume


  • A decent practical speaker system for general listening
  • Logitech S120 Stereo Speakers, small


  • Work fine. Lots of wires.

The Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers are designed for entertainment, communication and productivity. With rich stereo sound, they deliver an immersive audio experience that is perfect for watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite music. These speakers come with a built-in subwoofer delivering deeper bass tones, and a detachable cable that makes it easy to move them around the room. Plus, their sleek black design looks great anywhere you put them!

Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers, Black take your audio experience up a notch with state-of-the-art speakers that deliver an immersive listening experience. They are easy to set up and provide clear sound quality with powerful bass response.

Introducing the Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers: perfect for enjoying your favorite music or videos in style. With powerful sound and a sleek design, these speakers are the perfect addition to any home entertainment system. Plus, they’re easy to set up and use – so you can get right to listening without hassles. So what are you waiting for? Order your Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers today!

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2- Marshall Major IV 
Product No 2

Marshall Major IV 

Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone, Black

About this item

  • Major IV delivers the signature Marshall sound that you’ve come to expect. Custom-tuned dynamic drivers deliver roaring bass, smooth mids and brilliant treble for a rich, unrivalled sound that you’ll never want to turn off.
  • 80+ solid hours of wireless playtime with quick-charge capability – only 15 minutes of charging will give you 15 hours of listening. These are headphones truly built for the long haul.
  • Improved ergonomic design means that when you’re deep diving into your music, the tenth hour is as comfortable as the first. Major IV’s ear cushions are softer to the touch and more faithfully fit the shape of your ear.
  • Major IV can be charged wirelessly, so it’s now easier than ever to charge and go. Spend less time looking for your charger in a mess of wires and more time listening to your music. You will receive a USB-C charging cable in the box. Wireless charging pad is not included
  • With the multi-directional control knob you can play, pause, skip and adjust the volume of your device, as well as power your headphones on or off. Phone functionality is also included so you can answer, reject or end a call with a few simple clicks.
  • Major IV combines enhanced usability with classic Marshall elements like the multi-directional control knob, textured black vinyl and the Marshall script for a design that is both iconic and innovative. The new fold clip means that Major IV folds away into an even more compact size, and the ear caps are protected from too much wear and tear.
  • Major IV features a 3.5 mm socket so a friend can plug in and enjoy your music.
  • Included components: Major IV Headphones, 3.5mm audio cord, User Manual and legal and safety information, USB-C charging cable


  • More comfortable than previous models
  • 6 Star Battery and Sound


  • Decent sound, great battery life, great build quality, strange notification noises

Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone, Black. Bring your music with you wherever you go! The Marshall Major IV headphones are designed for the Apple and Android platforms, making them compatible with nearly all devices. Whether commuting to work or out on a weekend camping trip, these headphones will keep you entertained and connected. With built-in noise cancellation and a lightweight design, the Marshall Major IV give you immersive sound quality while keeping your ears comfortable.

Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone, Black. With a sleek design and Carlson’s renowned sound quality, these headphones are perfect for music lovers on the go. They’re lightweight and adjustable for a perfect fit, and they feature an on-ear design that lets you enjoy your music uninterrupted.

Marshall’s Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are perfect for those who demand the best in sound quality. The headphones use cutting-edge technology to create a realistic listening experience, with high definition audio and Dolby Atmos support. With an adjustable ear cup that allows for a custom fit, these headphones will allow you to enjoy your music to the fullest.

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3- Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker
Product No 3

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker, Certified for Microsoft Teams, 2- Way Compact Stereo Speaker, Call Controls, Noise Reducing Microphone. Wired USB-C Connection

About this item

  • High-quality stereo speaker driver (with wider range and sound than built-in speakers on Surface laptops), optimized for your whole day—including clear Teams calls, occasional music and podcast playback, and other system audio
  • Noise-reducing mic array that captures your voice better than your PC
  • Teams Certification for seamless integration, plus simple and intuitive control of Teams with physical buttons and lighting
  • Plug-and-play wired USB-C connectivity
  • Compact design for your desk or in your bag, with clever cable management and a light pouch for storage and travel


  • Solved my on ear headphone problems!
  • Great Speakerphone for MS Teams
  • Great PC version of an old-style conference speakerphone


  • Sound is a little muffled until you turn of a setting.

Introducing the Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker. This 2-way compact stereo speaker is certified for use with Microsoft Teams, and offers great call quality with a wired USB-C connection. Plus, the noise reducing microphone will ensure you stay clear and concise in your conversations. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker today!

The Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker is perfect for use with Microsoft Teams. Its compact design means it can fit easily on a desk or table, and its wired USB-C connection ensures quick and easy setup. The speaker’s call controls and noise reducing microphone help make streaming online audio, voice calls, podcasts and video more enjoyable.

This certified Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker is perfect for using with your Microsoft Teams experience. It features a 2-way compact stereo speaker and noise reducing microphone for enhanced conference calling capabilities. Plus, it comes with wired USB-C connection for hassle-free use.

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4- Adesso Xtream S5
Product No 4

Adesso Xtream S5

Adesso Xtream S5 USB Sound Bar Speaker for PC Desktop 5W x 2

About this item

  • High Power Output – The Xtream S5 Sound Bar packs with 5w*2 large dual drive unit. High quality sound lets you indulge in the sea of music. Brings sound to life for a fantastically dynamic Audio experience.
  • Plug & play – The computer speaker is USB powered, The sound bar speaker is easy to install, simply connect the USB to your computer and you can start using it.
  • Built-in USB Stereo Sound Chip – The Xtream S5 has a built-in sound chip, allowing direct plug-and-play with a simple USB connection and eliminating the need for separate audio connection. The speaker delivers clear and crisp stereo sound.
  • Wide Range Compatibility – Compatible to any PC, laptops, etc. Mini and compact, portable easy to carry music anywhere.


  • Nice and compact
  • Excellent Product


  • Could be louder

The Adesso Xtream S5 USB Sound Bar Speaker is a 5W x 2 PC Desktop speaker that plugs into your computer’s USB port to provide crisp, clear sound. With its built-in amplifier, this speaker makes it easy to enjoy your favorite music or videos without having to hook up an external audio system.

The Adesso Xtream S5 USB Sound Bar Speaker for PC Desktop is the perfect way to get quality sound from your computer. Its 5 watt x 2 output provides a great listening experience, whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music. The intuitive design makes setup a breeze, and it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

When you’re trying to watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite music, having a quality sound is essential. But often times, quality sound from your devices can be difficult to attain. That’s where Adesso Xtream S5 USB Sound Bar Speaker comes in- providing the best possible sound for those important moments. This compact speaker is designed specifically for PC desktop use, delivering crisp vocals and booming bass with 5W of power.

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5- PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System
Product No 5

PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System

PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System for Home with CD Player, Wireless Streaming, MP3, USB, Audio in, FM Radio, 15W, Micro Music Sound System

About this item

  • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetoot from your smartphone – Bluetooth is a short range wireless communication technology that is both robust and energy-efficient. The technology allows easy wireless connection to iPod/iPhone/iPad or other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets or even loptops. So you can enjoy your favorite music, sound from video or game wireless on this speaker easily.
  • Dual amplifier for better sound performance – Dual amplifier ensures enhanced sound performance by reducing inter-modulation between the woofer and tweeter, since each transducer is driven by its own dedicated amplifier. The result is deep and powerful bass sounds that have high impact without interfering too much with the higher frequencies so they remain pure and detailed. Utilized in combination with precise, active crossover design, better control on the phase and frequency response of each
  • MAX Sound for instant power boost – MAX Sound technology produces an instant boost in bass, maximizing volume performance and instantly creating the most impressive listening experience with just the touch of a button. Its sophisticated electronic circuitry calibrates existing sound and volume settings, instantly boosting bass and volume to maximum levels without distortion. The end result is a noticeable amplifying of both sound spectrum and volume and a potent audio boost that will add mileage
  • Audio-in for portable music playback – The Audio in connectivity allows direct playback of Audio in content from portable media players. Besides the benefit of enjoying your favorite music in the superior sound quality delivered by the audio system, the Audio in is also extremely convenient as all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player to the audio system.
  • Digital tuning with preset stations for extra convenience – Simply tune into the station that you want to preset, press and hold the preset button to memorize the frequency. With preset radio stations that can be stored, you can quickly access your favorite radio station without having to manually tune the frequencies each time.


  • Great All The Way Around!
  • I absolutely love this stereo system


  • It plays my CD’s and connects to Bluetooth, so ok.

The PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System is perfect for streaming your favorite music in any room. With its wireless streaming, MP3, USB and Audio-in capabilities, this system gives you the ultimate sound experience. The FM Radio feature lets you listen to your favorite stations, while the 15W Micro Music Sound System delivers powerful sound.

This Bluetooth stereo system is perfect for any home. With CD player, wireless streaming, MP3, USB, audio in, and FM radio capabilities, this system has it all. Plus, the 15W micro music sound system is sure to give you the best sound quality possible.

If you’re looking for a top-notch stereo system that will provide superb sound quality, the Philips Bluetooth Stereo System is perfect for you. This system comes with a CD player, wireless streaming capabilities, MP3 support, USB input, audio in, and FM radio. Plus, it delivers 15 watts of power for great sound quality. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music or watching a movie with friends, this stereo system will enhance your experience.

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The best soundbar for desktop PC in 2023 is the Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers. It offers superior sound quality, a sleek design, and easy setup. If you are looking for a soundbar that will improve your PC experience, the Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers is the perfect choice.

In conclusion,the best soundbar for a desktop PC in 2023 is the PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System. It offers great value for the price, and its performance is on par with more expensive models. If you’re looking for a soundbar that will improve your PC’s audio without breaking the bank, the PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System is the way to go.

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