Best Soundbar for Side by Sides in 2023

The best soundbar for side by sides in 2023 is likely to be the Philips Avent A20. This model has a wide range of features, including aptX sound and Dolby Atmos support, making it a great choice for those who want the best sound experience possible.

In the near future, soundbars will become a must-have in homes. The best soundbars in the market right now are those that have Dolby Atmos technology. This feature provides a great experience when listening to music or watching video on your television. Dolby Atmos is becoming more popular every year, and it is sure to continue to grow in popularity in the near future.

When looking to buy a soundbar for the side by side viewing, the first thing to consider is what type of soundbar you want. There are a variety of different types of soundbars that you can choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a surround sound bar will create an immersive audio experience for viewers on the side by side viewing table. A monaural soundbar will provide basic stereo sound for viewers on the side by side viewing table.

Top 5 Best Soundbar for Side by Sides in 2023

1- Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers
Product No 1

Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers

Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers, Black, Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers (Pair)

About this item

  • Dolby Atmos enabled speaker perfect to provide an extra dimension to your home theater setup
  • Create a robust 5.1.2 home theater setup perfect for Dolby Atmos with the complete range of CS speakers from Sony with 2 SSCSE Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, 2 SSCS3 tower speakers, 1 SSCS8 center channel speaker, 2 SSCS5 bookshelf speakers, and the SACS9 subwoofer
  • Experience breathtaking cinematic sound from audio that flows all around you by adding the SSCSE Dolby Atmos speakers to your home theater
  • Add to any floor/bookshelf speaker by simply placing on top; no mounting required. Perfect fit to be placed on top of both the Sony SSCS3 Floor Standing Speakers and Sony SSCS5 Bookshelf Speakers
  • Perfectly angled so they can be easily mounted on the wall and used as surround speakers
  • 4” mica reinforced cellular woofer deliver uncompromising audio quality
  • 100 W maximum input power
  • In the box: (2) Speakers, (4) Mounting Bracket, (8) Mounting Screw (small), (2) Wall Mount Bracket, (2) Mounting Screw (large), (8) Non-slip pad, (4) Wall mount pad, (1) Start-up guide


  • Great little Dolby Atmos Speakers
  • It can be amazing depending on your setup


  • Good for an entry level center speaker but doesn’t match the SSCS5 much

Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers deliver an immersive experience for music lovers. With 3600Hz and 87 dB SNR, these speakers allow you to Hear What’sBehindYourMusic with clarity and power.

Experience surround sound with the power of Dolby Atmos. With this pair of Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers, you’ll have a stunning experience that will make all your home movies and music sounds more immersive than ever before.

Looking to wow your friends and family with immersive audio experiences? Look no further than the Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers. These speakers pair easily with any HDR compatible television and deliver a beautiful, life-like sound experience. With Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, you’ll be able to stunningly hear every detail in your entertainment.

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2- Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5″ 
Product No 2

Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5″ 

Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5″ 350 Watt 4-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

About this item

  • 6 5″ A-series 4-way car speakers
  • Power handling peak 350 watts per pair/ RMS 80 watts per pair
  • Carbon and mica reinforced IMPP woofer cone
  • Elastic polymer Surround material
  • 1mm PET dome tweeters


  • Best speakers ever had. Better than Sony XSR1646
  • Excellent 61/2″ speakers with clear sound and good bass.


  • Terminal area could be better built.

Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5″ 350 Watt 4-Way Coaxial Car Speakers are perfect for amplify your music or movie sounds. The sound quality is amazing and the sound is consistent, so you can experience great stereo audio without having to worry about detail or volume. These speakers come with a 3 months warranty, so you can be sure that you’ll have a speaker that works perfectly for your needs.

The TS-A1680F 6.5″ 350 Watt 4-Way Coaxial Car Speakers are perfect for any vehicle. With their superior sound quality, these speakers will give you the best listening experience possible. Plus, they’re easy toINSTALL – just connect the speaker terminals to your car’s audio system.

These Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5″ 350 Watt 4-Way Coaxial Car Speakers will fulfill that statement. Featuring a powerful 650 watts of sound, these speakers provide the coverage and detail you need for music, audio, or video playback. With Coaxial wiring and an impedance of 10Khz-240Hz, this speaker is perfect for connecting several devices in your car.

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3- Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker
Product No 3

Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker

Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker – Portable Wireless Power FM Radio / MP3 System w/ Remote, LED Lights & Rechargeable Battery – PBMSPG190 , Black

About this item

  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: This wireless boombox speaker system features built in 2.0 Bluetooth for wireless music streaming w/ a connectivity range of up to 32’ feet. Works w/ any device like iPhones, iPod, Android, iPads, Tablets, Laptops
  • AUXILIARY INPUTS: Aside from wireless connectivity, this loud Street Blaster is also equipped w/ 3.5 millimeter Aux Input, USB slot that can support MP3 files, a radio system to connect to FM, & 2 ¼ Input Jacks for Microphone or Guitar
  • PORTED ENCLOSURE DESIGN: This portable outdoor Boombox is built w/ durable housing enclosure but still lightweight & it comes w/ a detachable carry belt for easy travel. Ported enclosure design helps amplify impressive bass response
  • DIGITAL SCREEN: This product is equipped w/ a digital screen & a remote control complete w/ all the necessary control buttons for easy operation
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This Stereo Speaker also features a long lasting built in rechargeable battery w/ 2000mAh capacity. It is also equipped w/ a 6.5 inch subwoofer & two 2.5 inch speakers to achieve that full range stereo sound system reproduction


  • I once had the Samsung mtx t40 sound tower (300 watts RMS) and this speaker out performs Samsung
  • A versatile Machine with Good Value


  • Good, loud, but annoying lights.

The Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker is perfect for on-the-go Minnesotans, because it’s light and Portable FM Radio. The speaker features rechargeable battery that last up to 12 hours, and LED lights to show you where the music is playing. Plus, the sound quality is amazing thanks to its powerful loudspeakers.

The Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker is a convenient, portable wireless power FM radio system. The speaker has a rechargeable battery and LED lights, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. With its stylish design and powerful sound, the Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker is perfect for any music lover on the go.

The Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker is the perfect portable wireless power FM radio system for music lovers on the go. With its sunny LED lights and rechargeable battery, this speaker will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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4- Victrola Premiere M1
Product No 4

Victrola Premiere M1

Victrola Premiere M1 Powered Bookshelf Monitor Speakers (Pair) – 4″ Woofer, 2″ Tweeter & 60W Amplifier, Ideal Pairing for Premiere T1 Turntable, Built-In Bluetooth, Music Streaming

About this item

  • BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS FOR PREMIERE T1 TURNTABLE – Bring your vinyl record collection to life with the Victrola Premiere M1 Bookshelf Monitors that are designed to complement the T1 Turntable (sold separately) and fill your home theater with stunning sound
  • POWERED SPEAKERS – This loudspeaker set includes a powered speaker with a 60W amplifier & a passive speaker connected through a cable. These home speakers feature a 2-way design with a 2″ tweeter and a 4″ woofer that deliver rich, pure, and natural sound
  • STREAM YOUR FAVORITE TRACKS – The speaker system features built-in Bluetooth 5.0 with a wireless range of 33′ that allows you to stream music from your digital library, music apps, vinyl records, and Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • A STYLISH WAY TO GROOVE – Lacquered in a rich wood finish and with removable grilles, this Bluetooth speaker pair looks as good as it sounds. Features an illuminated multi-function control knob for ease & includes an 8′ RCA cable to connect the 2 speakers
  • MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS – The M1 studio monitors can be placed on any flat surface like tabletop, or bookshelf, mounted on a desktop stand or a floor stand (sold separately). Can be used as stereo Bluetooth speakers or desk speakers for your office
  • VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY – The bookshelf speaker pair is outfitted with dual analog aux inputs, one 3.5mm aux, and an analog stereo RCA input. Also features a mono-RCA subwoofer output to connect the Premiere S1 Subwoofer (sold separately) for added bass
  • LEGACY IN A NEW PACKAGE – With 115 years of expertise in producing vintage record player, wooden turntables & accessories to the more recent sleek, modern music centers, Victrola has what you need to create lifelong music memories with your loved ones


  • Very decent speakers. Not for reference but good for everyday listening.
  • Outstanding bookshelf speakers!


  • just fine speakers

Take your music to the next level with Victrola Premiere M1 Powered Bookshelf Monitor Speakers. These speakers are perfect for pairing up with a Premiere T1 turntable, and allow you to A/B Through your audio content with ease. With its built-in Bluetooth connection, this speaker is ideal for streaming music from your device. Plus, its 2″ tweeter and 60W amplifier provide youwith great sound quality.

Put your music up on steroids with the Victrola Premiere M1 Powered Bookshelf Monitor Speakers. With a 4″ woofer and 2″ tweeter, these speakers give you jaw-dropping sound quality that will blow your mind. Plus, they come bundled with a built-in Bluetooth receiver so you can streaming music from your phone or computer right away.

The Victrola Premiere M1 Powered Bookshelf Monitor Speakers (Pair) is the perfect pairing for a premiere turntable like the Premiere T1. With its built-in Bluetooth and music streaming capabilities, this speaker is the perfect way to enjoy your music personally. Plus, the 4″ woofer and 2″ tweeter provide great sound quality for all types of music.

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5- Logitech Z623 400 Watt 
Product No 5

Logitech Z623 400 Watt 

Logitech Z623 400 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System – Black & C920x HD Pro Webcam, Full HD 1080p/30fps Video Calling, Clear Stereo Audio – Black

About this item

  • Product 1: THX-certified 2.1 speaker system brings your music, movies and games to life in immersive studio-quality audio; Satellites: 2 x 35 Watt
  • Product 1: RCA and 3.5 millimeter inputs make it easy to plug in up to 3 audio devices – your computer, iPod, game console, DVD player and more
  • Product 1: 2 satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer deliver sound big enough to fill even large entertainment rooms.Please Note: Kindly refer the User Guide before use.
  • Product 1: Compatible with Television,Computer,Smartphone,Tablet,Music player,DVD player,Blu-ray player,PlayStation,Xbox,Wii. System Requirements: Works with any device with either a headphone jack (3.5 millimeter) or RCA input.
  • Product 2: Webcam comes with a 3-month XSplit VCam license and no privacy shutter. XSplit VCam lets you remove, replace and blur your background without a Green Screen.
  • Product 2: Full HD 1080p video calling and recording at 30 fps – You’ll make a strong impression when it counts with crisp, clearly detailed and vibrantly colored video.
  • Product 2: Stereo audio with dual mics – Capture natural sound on calls and recorded videos.
  • Product 2: Advanced capture software – Create and share video content easily with Logitech Capture.


  • Amazing sound for an excellent value
  • BEST BASS, BEST soiund quality and PLENTY of power! I should know..
  • I was amazed at the sound quality when I first plugged in …


  • Much better than i was expecting

The Logitech Z623 400 Watt Home Speaker System is perfect for any home audio system. With two 2.1 speaker systems, clear stereo audio and 40 watts of power, this speaker system is capable of filling even the largest space with sound. The C920x HD Pro Webcam offers amazing video quality and is also able to record in full HD 1080p 30fps. With its sleek black design, this speaker system will add a touch of style to any room.

The Logitech Z623 400 Watt Home Speaker System is perfect for your home. With 2.1 speaker system and full HD 1080p 30fps video calling, you’ll be able to share your favorite content with family and friends without having to worry about the quality. The clear stereo audio will let you hear everything just as it should be – whether you’re calling someone over the phone or watching a movie on the big screen.

The Logitech Z623 400 watt home speaker system is perfect for streaming music, watching videos, and communicating with family and friends. With clear stereo audio, this speaker system delivers amazing sound quality. The black finish gives it an elegant look and feel, while the C920x HD Pro Webcam will make calling or videoing easy.

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The best soundbar for side by sides in 2023 will likely depend on the individual’s needs and preferences. However, some of the best options currently available include the Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos and the Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street.

In conclusion,the best soundbar for side by sides in the year 23 is the Harman Kardon Utopia. This bar has excellent sound and is very easy to use.

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