Best Soundbar For XBOX in 2023

Looking to invest in a soundbar for your Xbox in the next few years? Here are the best options on the market according to experts.

In the coming years, there are a number of new Xbox-compatible soundbars that are set to hit the market. Here are the five best soundbars for Xbox in 2023 according to reviews and expert opinions.

There’s no doubt that the gaming community is growing more and more demanding with each passing year. This is especially true for those who are into playing video games on their consoles, as evidenced by the sales of dedicated gaming systems like the Xbox One X. In response to this demand, some of the most popular console manufacturers have released soundbars that can be used to improve the audio quality of your gaming experience.

Top 5 Best Soundbar For XBOX in 2023

1- Creative T100-2.0 
Product No 1

Creative T100-2.0 

Creative T100-2.0 Compact Hi-Fi Desktop Speakers, up to 80W Peak Power with Bluetooth 5.0, Optical-in, AUX-in, Wide Soundstage and Audio Clarity with Bass Control for Computers and Laptops (Black)

About this item

  • MINIMALISTIC 2.0 COMPUTER SPEAKERS – Elegant and minimalistic design that fits into any desktop setting. Perfect for desktop computers and laptops with limited tabletop space
  • SIMPLE SETUP WITH MULTIPLE CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS – Simply connect T100 via a myriad of connectivity options such as wireless Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm AUX-in, Optical-in for PS4 Pro, and USB flash drives (supports FLAC for hi-res lossless audio, WMA, and MP3 formats)
  • WIDE SOUNDSTAGE AND SUPERIOR AUDIO CLARITY – Specially tuned to bring out a truly immersive and room-filling audio experience, enjoy wide, lifelike soundstage with incredible depth and audio clarity. Our proprietary BasXPort technology further enhances the bass for rich, deep tones without the need for a subwoofer
  • POWERFUL 40W RMS DIGITAL AMPLIFIER – Furnished with 2.75” full-range drivers with built-in digital amplifier that fires up to 40W RMS and peak power of up to 80W. Enjoy detailed vocals and catch details that you have been missing before
  • EQ PRESETS WITH ADJUSTABLE BASS AND TREBLE VIA REMOTE CONTROL – Further adjust your audio with the included remote control. Apart from the EQ presets for movies, music, concert, and gaming modes, you can also increase and reduce treble and bass settings to your liking


  • Love these speakers! – excellent quality for a 2.0 system and perfect for my use case
  • The BEST speakers I’ve EVER HAD for my CPU!


  • I wanted to love these, but they hit a pet peeve

These speakers are the perfect way to upgrade your audio experience. With up to 80W of peak power, they deliver clear, rich sound that fills any room. Bluetooth 5.0 gives you easy wireless streaming from your favorite devices, while optical-in and AUX-in allow you to connect other audio sources. The wide soundstage and bass control create an immersive listening experience, making these speakers ideal for both music and movies.

These sleek, black hi-fi speakers are perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their audio experience. With up to 80 watts of peak power, Bluetooth 5.0, and optical and AUX inputs, these speakers offer great sound quality and versatility. They also have a wide soundstage and exceptional audio clarity, plus bass control for an even better listening experience. Whether you’re using them for music, movies, or gaming, these compact speakers are sure to enhance your audio experience.

These sleek and stylish speakers are perfect for any desktop or laptop. With Bluetooth 5.0, they offer quick and easy connections to any compatible device. They also have an optical-in and AUX-in, allowing you to connect to a variety of audio sources. The wide soundstage and audio clarity with bass control create an immersive listening experience.

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2- Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series
Product no 2

Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series

Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series Wireless Portable-BLUETOOTH Boombox Party-Speaker IP66 Water-resistant and Dustproof with 30 Hour-Battery

About this item

  • Big sound with two woofers, two tweeters, and X-Balanced Speakers for powerful bass and crisp sound
  • IP66 water resistant and dustproof design
  • Up to 30-hour battery life with quick charging
  • Lightweight design with carry handle for easy portability. Speaker measures approximately 18.11” x 10.07” x 8.46” and weighs 12.32 pounds.
  • Unleash your inner pop star with mic/guitar rear input
  • Connect and stream music easily with Bluetooth
  • Subtle LED ring lighting for ambiance


  • Sounds great and plays loud without distortion
  • Great bass sound and battery! Love it!


  • Impressive sound, disappointing light feature

The Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series Wireless Portable-BLUETOOTH Boombox Party-Speaker IP66 Water-resistant and Dustproof is perfect for a party or any occasion. It has a 30 hour battery, so you can enjoy your music all night long! The speaker is also dustproof and waterproof, making it perfect for any weather condition.

The Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series Portable Bluetooth Boombox is perfect for any gathering! The speaker is water resistant and dustproof, with a battery that lasts for up to 30 hours. Plus, it has an IP66 rating, making it perfect for any outdoor event.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker to take your parties up a notch, then the Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series is perfect. With its water resistant and dustproof design, this speaker can handle anything that comes its way. Plus, with an impressive battery life of 30 hours, you’ll be able to keep the party going all night long!

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3- Microsoft Modern USB Headset
Product No 3

Microsoft Modern USB Headset

Microsoft Modern USB Headset – Wired Headset,On-Ear Stereo Headphones with Noise-Cancelling Microphone, USB-A Connectivity, In-Line Controls, PC/Mac/Laptop – Certified for Microsoft Teams

About this item

  • Comfortable on-ear design with lightweight, padded earcups for all-day wear.
  • Background noise-reducing microphone.
  • High-quality stereo speakers optimized for voice.
  • Mute control with status light. Easily see, at a glance, whether you can be heard or not.
  • Convenient call controls, including mute, volume, and the Teams button, are in-line and easy to reach.
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams. Join meetings at a touch of a button and enjoy high-quality video and audio, plus easy setup and management. Integrates seamlessly with your Surface computer and other Windows 10 PCs.*


  • Amazing comfort and audio quality, especially for the price!!!
  • Stay Connected To Your Meetings!
  • No Noise cancelation


  • Works ok with Eyeglasses, overall good buy

The Microsoft Modern USB Headset is perfect for people who work and play on their computer. The headset has a wired connection, on-ear stereo headphones, noise-cancelling microphone, and USB-A connectivity. This makes it compatible with both PC and Mac devices. And because the inline controls are easy to use, you can take calls or control your music without ever taking your hands off the keyboard or mouse.

Introducing the Microsoft Modern USB Headset – Wired Headset,On-Ear Stereo Headphones with Noise-Cancelling Microphone, USB-A Connectivity, In-Line Controls, PC Mac Laptop – Certified for Microsoft Teams. This excellent device is perfect for those who want a high quality wired headset that is compatible with their computer and devices.

Introducing the Microsoft Modern USB Headset – a wired headset with on-ear stereo headphones and noise-cancelling microphone. With its certified compatibility with Microsoft Teams, this headset is perfect for making calls and recording meetings. The easy-to-use in-line controls let you control your audio settings with no additional software installation required.

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4- LIELONGREN Computer Speaker
Product No 3

LIELONGREN Computer Speaker

LIELONGREN Computer Speaker (Black)

About this item

  • █ Stereo Sound Speaker. N12 Portable Mini Sound Bar is a 2.0 channel speaker equipped with two high-excursion drivers for full range audio, which deliver a noticeable stereo sound upgrade to your computer’s weakened or faint internal speakers.
  • █ One Cable for Both Audio & Power. N12 USB Powered Speaker only needs a single USB cable to plug into your computer to feed an electrical current and power the speaker while simultaneously working as the audio input and source of the speaker’s sound.
  • █ Two Installation Options. You can use the included clip-on mount to attach directly to any laptop screen that is ½ inch thick or less. And if you prefer a freestanding option to place next to your computer on a desk, use the included mount to prop the speaker up in a vertical position.
  • █ Great Compatibility. N12 USB Computer Speaker works great with all brands of Windows PCs, such as HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, Acer, Chromebook or more. (Do not support Mac OS).
  • █ Some Words From Seller. This USB Desk Standing Speaker is widely used in office and bedroom, it can save space of your desk and help averting messy cable, it’s portable and light weight but delivering a noticeable stereo sound, while it would not be too loud to disturb your partners. NOTE: No volume control knob on this speaker.


  • Workhorse Speaker Bar Saves Desk Space Atop Your Monitor
  • Perfect as replacement speakers


  • Low profile and so much better than the built-in speakers

The LIELONGREN Computer Speaker is the perfect way to enhance your computer experience. This high quality speaker has rich sound and clear voice reproduction that makes it perfect for any task, whether you’re working on a project, watching a movie or listening to music. With its easy-to-use controls, the LIELONGREN Computer Speaker is simple to use and easy to transport – so you can take your entertainment with you wherever you go.

The LIELONGREN is a computer speaker that gives your laptop or desktop the powerful sound it deserves. Stream music from your computer, watch movies and shows, or just enjoy the natural sounds of nature with our acoustic stereo speakers. With AirPlay capabilities, you can easily send audio to your LIELONGREN for an amazing listening experience.

Introducing LIELONGREN, the most advanced and powerful computer speaker on the market. With its booming sound, clear vocals and rich bass response, LIELONGREN is perfect for any music lover. Its portability makes it the perfect choice for a day at the beach or a night out with friends.

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5- Platin Milan 5.1 
Product No 5

Platin Milan 5.1 

Platin Milan 5.1 Surround Sound System – Wireless Home Theater System for Smart TVs – WiSA Certified – with WiSA SoundSend Transmitter Included

About this item

  • SUPERIOR DYNAMIC QUALITY | Milan delivers 5.1 surround sound using uncompressed 24-bit 48 kHz audio signal (Milan delivers 3.1 sound using uncompressed 24-bit 48 kHz audio signal), far beyond Bluetooth capabilities. The SoundSend transmitter decodes theatrical audio formats, such as Dolby HD and Dolby Atmos.
  • ULTRA-COMPACT DESIGN | Milan speakers are designed to save space and blend in with any decor for a 360-degree immersive home theater experience. Perfect for any room of the house, and great for apartment living too!
  • WiSA CERTIFIED | All Milan components are WiSA Certified—they meet the highest globally-recognized standards for wireless speaker systems, ensuring superior performance, reliability, and interoperability.
  • SIMPLE SETUP | Plug Milan speakers and SoundSend into power outlets and connect SoundSend to your Smart TV. SoundSend does the rest: it identifies and assigns channels to the speakers automatically, using an independent wireless network dedicated to your Milan system.
  • EASY TO OPERATE | Adjust volume with your TV remote or with the SoundSend app (iOS and Android). Calibrate your sound around a designated sweet spot in the room, using the exclusive My Zone feature.


  • Easy setup is the biggest benefit so far
  • It sounds amazing! Best surround sound I have ever purchased.
  • loud and clear


  • Wireless Convenience

If you’re looking for an immersive, high-quality sound experience at home, the Platin Milan 5.1 Surround Sound System is a great choice. This wireless home theater system is WiSA certified and includes a WiSA SoundSend transmitter, so it’s easy to set up and use with your smart TV. The sound quality is excellent, and the Platin Milan 5.

The Platin Milan 5.1 Surround Sound System is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. With its WiSA SoundSend Transmitter, you can easily connect it to your smart TV and enjoy superior sound quality. The wireless home theater system also comes with a subwoofer that provides deep, rich bass for an immersive experience.

If you’re looking for an immersive, high-quality sound experience at home, the Platin Milan 5.1 Surround Sound System is the perfect choice. This wireless home theater system is WiSA certified and comes with a WiSA SoundSend transmitter for easy setup. It’s also compatible with smart TVs, so you can enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and games with superior audio quality.

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The best soundbar for XBOX in 2023 is the one that best meets your needs and budget. With so many options on the market, it’s important to do your research to find the perfect fit for you. Be sure to read reviews, compare prices, and get recommendations from friends before making your final decision.

In conclusion,the best soundbar for XBOX in 2023 is the Creative T100-2.0. It has a great design, is easy to set up, and produces excellent sound quality. If you’re looking for a soundbar that will improve your gaming experience, the Creative T100-2.0 is the way to go.

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